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About Us

We specialise in supporting refugees and vulnerable families living in the Bradford inner city area

Working in partnership with Mercy Mission UK and My Foster Family, the organisation has established relationships with schools, mosques and madrassa's VCS partners and local businesses.

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Our vision

A better Bradford

To see a city where every resident can live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary community that is characterised by unity, compassion, justice and personal accountability.

Our Mission

We have a clear mission that will deliver the vision based on three key drivers:

Empowering people to connect to their faith and culture through relevant services.

Improving community understanding and inclusion through diverse representation and improved opportunity.

Reducing barriers to social mobility to improve achievement and cohesion for all.

Our Organisational Structure

Operations Manager
Strategy Advisory Board
Youth Advisory Board
Donor Relations Manager
Fundraising & Grants Manager
Finance Assistant
Casework Manager
Pastoral Manager
Family Support Manager
Volunteers/Sessional Workers
Administrative Staff