Ramadan 2021: URGENT Bradford Zakat Appeal What’s the point of 100, 000 Muslims in Bradford, if Fatimah still sleeps in a bin on Leeds Road? Donate Now

Emergency Funding

We distribute your Zakat to the people of your city that are in desperate need.

Food Bank

We provide food to people who are hungry and give them rations so they can feed their family.

Community Safety

We work with over 20 agencies from across the city, to provide support for those who have nowhere to turn.

Donate Now

We are in urgent need of funds to continue our unique services.

Your Zakat
Your City

Bradford Foundation Trust works tirelessly to provide support to some of the most vulnerable in the city. Channeling Zakat to the eligible we ensure your Zakat is put to work in your city and delivers the best results. Your Zakat liberates Muslims from financial stress, homelessness and far too often, violence right here in your neighborhood.

Our Model Our City

Bradford Foundation Trust has a team of dedicated team members which research, define, refine and incubate innovative community development projects. We work in a way that our ideas and projects can be scaled up to serve the countless people in need across the district.

Our model is one which is founded upon the wonderful Islamic principle, ‘Cooperate in good and righteousness’, Quran, (5:2), and as such work with a diverse range of partners to pursue common goals.

Sister A came from Syria

She was given housing by the government. Unfortunately the place was in a state of disrepair, and after nine months of complaining, her lounge ceiling collapsed on her 3 year old daughter, cutting her head open. We were informed about this case after the accident, and immediately responded. Supporting the mother through the accident, supporting rehousing the family and then initiating legal proceedings for the potentially life changing accident to the young child who experienced a brain injury.

Sister B was homeless

Having fled violence at home and after year’s of physical and sexual abuse, we managed to secure her safe and stable housing and start a process of recovery. Zakat from Bradford saving a sister from Bradford.

Brother X, came from Sudan

He was homeless and arrived at our office explained that his family was arriving the next day under the government reunion scheme and didn’t know what to do. Within 24hrs we arranged a property, airport collection and managed to house the family, saving them all from being on the streets.